The Firm is supported since its foundation by a full IT facilities system, ranging from telephone to fax, to registered e-mail.

Moreover, the Firm is registered for the Internet Civil Process, which is the new system allowing lawyers to access qualified Court’s offices and file claims by the Internet and IT tools.

Currently it is possible to file claims for injunctions (i.e. to get the payment of an amount of money) both for Civil and Labour Courts of Milan and some other office.

This way to proceed grants a significant reduction of the average waiting to get the injunction, which in some case has been issued within 6 days only.

Moreovere, the software EasyLex provide the Firm a successful, accurate management and control of all activities

The Firm’s activity focuses on labour law both for companies and individuals’ side, both Italian or foreigners (vedi).


Estimate & Billing

  1. -The Firm acknowledges the increasing needs arising from clients, nowadays expressed both in Italy and abroad, first af all to be able to be aware previously of the costs of legal assistance.

  1. -Therefore, it is possible to agree in advance the fees on the basis of different criteria taking into account the attitude of the client and the characters of the case:

  2. -hourly fee;

  3. -on a result basis;

  4. -forfait;

  5. -a mix of the above.